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SS cricket

SS cricket


Sareen Sports Industries, known simply as SS, is a company founded by Mr. N.K. Sareen in 1969. An Indian company, it soon became one of the most prominent sports companies in the country. They launched the SS Sunridges, a registered trademark, in 1976. Exporting its products beginning in 1979 to UK and Australia, the company soon gained international renown. Today, it is exporting products to many nations, including South Africa, the US, Pakistan, and many others.

The SS line soon expanded to include special edition bats such as the Silver Edition range, Platinum Edition range, and Gold Edition Range. The company also sells training bats and miniature autograph bats.

Like most sports manufacturers, SS did not focus on the equipments required in a match. Thus, aside from its wide range of bats, balls, helmets, hats and caps, accessories, and protective gear, the company also sells clothing and bags.

Because the company creates this long list of products in a wide range of sizes, most players can find the piece perfect for his playing capacity and size. The company also manufactures products especially designed for kids and junior cricketers.

Known for having high quality products, the company has also recorded high test match scores. Its products are also used and endorsed by several international cricketers such as Lance Klusner, Ravindu Shah, and Alister Campbell.

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