Shrey Helmets - Range Overview

Shrey Helmets - Range Overview

Shrey Helmets - Range Overview

Hi Readers! Welcome to another post on the Cricket Store Online Blog. We hope you read our last blog on the new SG 2021 bats that we have in store. Keep following our blog throughout the year to stay updated about the latest and greatest cricket gear that we have to offer.

In the last few blogs, we have covered quite a bit on different types of bats and different brands, profiles, etc. In this blog, we will talk about Shrey Helmets and different types of helmets available in our Cricket Store Online. We're excited to have the newest and latest Shrey cricket helmets available for sale for you to get ready for this year’s cricket season. Throughout this blog, we will walk you through several kinds of helmets so that you can decide which one suits your needs.

First up is a little bit of history about Shrey Helmets and why you should consider buying a Shrey Helmet over other brands. Shrey Helmets is a piece of the much larger and successful TK sporting goods company. The cricket helmets part of the company is named after Shrey Kohli. He was a huge fan of the game of cricket and was very excited about his work. Unfortunately, he died in a car accident and as homage to him and the great love that he had for the game of cricket, the family went on to produce a range of the greatest cricket helmets available. Shrey Helmets pride themselves on providing the highest level of protection, great comfort, and proper ventilation. They are also known to be producing some of the lightest cricket helmets in the world as per specifications from many renowned professional cricketers.

We try to inform you of all the available ranges that we currently have in store and recommend you helmets based on your preferences, but if you happen to like a specific helmet and we happen to not carry your preferred size or color, please Whatsapp us at (609)666-4464 or email us at the readers of this blog, we also invite you to join our private Whatsapp group full of returning and loyal Cricket Store Online patrons. We post heavy discount deals on all kinds of cricketing gear in that group.

The buying process for a helmet is different from buying a bat. We will first give you a size chart so that you go into buying a helmet based on your own personal fit.

Junior/Boys 52 -54 cms
Small/Youth 55 -58 cms
Medium/Std 58 -61 cms
Large 60 -63 cms
X-Large 62-65 cms

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Now, we will provide you with a matrix of all the different helmets available in our store (at the time of writing this blog) to provide a comparison overview for easy purchasing decisions.

Shrey Cricket Helmets

Available Sizes

Available Colors


Shrey Koroyd Titanium Cricket Helmet Helmet Weighs around 730 grams (extremely lightweight)

Medium Large Navy

Starting with the best helmet that Shrey has to offer. This is the world's first cricket helmet featuring impact protection born from aerospace safety research -Koroyd. Shrey partnered German engineered Koroyd products and launched this extremely lightweight cricket helmet that is built and designed for professional cricketers in 2021. With a purchase of one of these helmets, we include a Neck Guard, Rear Cushion Pad, Carry Bag for your helmet, and Spare Velcro. With anti-bacterial wicking padding, a top grade titanium visor, one-hand micro-adjustment fit system and the absolute best protection that a Shrey Helmet has to offer, this helmet has already been worn by professionals in recent international cricket matches. Check out the unboxing video and head to our online store for the latest price on these helmets.

Shrey Star Steel Cricket Helmet Weighs around 720 grams (lightweight)



One of our fast selling cricket helmets, this economically-priced helmet provides the desired fit and comfort with its rear retention system of velcro straps and pads. With an adjustable steel visor for custom fit, these helmets are designed to give the most basic protection for beginners looking into cricket. Note: this might weigh lighter than the Koroyd helmet but the Koroyd helmet has some of the most advanced professional-grade protection which this helmet doesn’t.

Shrey Classic Steel Cricket Helmet Weighs around 880 grams

Medium Large X-Large

Maroon (X-Large only) NavyRoyal Blue

Heavier than the Star Helmet above, but available in different sizes and colors, this helmet provides a new rotary rear adjustment system for desired fitting. This economically-priced helmet also provides an advanced air-flow system along with a new and improved fixed grille with increased facial and side protection. A slight upgrade over the Star Helmet above, these helmets are perfectly well suited for cricket beginners and practice games.

Shrey Match 2.0 Cricket Helmet 2020

Medium Large

Green Blue Yellow Maroon Navy Royal Blue (Large only)

Another helmet that’s good for entry level cricket and practice games, this helmet is also in popular demand because it’s available in all sorts of different colors. Providing all the basic protection you would desire from a helmet, such as maximized air flow, adjustable steel grille and foam padding for comfort, this is a great purchase if you’re looking for a budget option.

Shrey Master Class Air 2.0 Steel Cricket Helmet 2020 Weighs around 920 grams

Small Medium

Green Maroon (Small only)

This helmet is next to the Koroyd one when it comes to overall protection and offers an international professional-level quality that conforms to all of the latest testing of the BSI. This helmet has extra protection for the face and head along with a sweatband and greatventilation. The steel grille offers great protection and also brings down the price from the more superior Titanium gril below. If you’re looking for the best protection and comfort on a budget, we recommend this helmet for your game day needs.

Shrey Master Class Air 2.0 Titanium Cricket Helmet 2021 Weighs around 750 grams (lightweight)

Small Medium Large X-Large


Very similar in features as the one above, this helmet is more expensive because it’s so much lighter and airier and has a titanium grille for more advanced protection. If you think the Koroyd one is a little too expensive, this is the next best thing at a slightly lower price than the Koroyd one. Expected to release on Feb 28, 2021, we highly recommend you place your orders for this helmet quickly before we sell out.

Shrey Junior 2.0 Cricket Helmet 2020


Green Maroon Navy Blue Black

This helmet is specifically designed for our little masters of the cricket game. Offering top level quality protection with an adjustable steel grille, washable sweatband, and extra cushions (for comfort), this helmet is perfect for the juniors looking to play some cricket. We even have them available in sorts of different colors.

Shrey Armor 2.0 Cricket Helmet 2019 Weighs around 940 grams

Small Medium

Green (Small only) NavyRed

In the higher side of the economical range of helmets, the Shrey Armor 2.0 is a high quality and high protection cricket helmet. The back of this helmet has been extended to give protection to the vulnerable back area of the batsman’s head. Offering increased facial and head protection, this helmet also offers a removable and washable headband and a high quality chinstrap. We recommend this helmet if you’re looking for extra protection and a notch higher than the Shrey Classic.

Shrey Master Class Air Steel Cricket Helmet 2017 Weighs around 920 grams

Small Standard

Green Maroon

Similar to the Master Class Air Steel 2020 we covered above in terms of features, this helmet is slightly better priced because it was launched in 2017 and probably doesn’t have the latest and greatest updates that Shrey Helmets have made since then. However, all Master Class Air Helmets are of professional-grade international game quality helmets. Check out the video and head to our online store for the latest price on these helmets.

Shrey Master Class Air Titanium Cricket Helmet 2017

Small Standard


Similar to the Master Class Air Titanium 2020 we covered above in terms of features, this helmet is slightly better priced because it was launched back in 2017. Because of the titanium grille, this helmet is much lighter than the steel helmet above and is probably priced higher as well because of its airy and light weight features.

We hope that the above matrix and helmet comparisons were helpful for you and it saved you a lot of time if you’re looking to purchase a helmet. We are working hard to provide all the helmet options that we have available in our store in the best way possible so that you don’t have to do all the research of which helmet is the best. As you probably saw above, the lightweight (titanium grille) helmets are a bit more expensive compared to the steel ones because lighter helmets tend to provide a lot more balance to your overall game and help you improve your overall performance with more agility and quickness without the extra weight weighing you down.

Thank you for reading this blog. The next one is coming up shortly.

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