Salix SLX Finite Cricket Bat

Salix SLX Finite Cricket Bat

Salix SLX Finite Cricket Bat

If you have tried all the traditional brands, GM, Kookaburra, Gray Nicolls, Spartan and even maybe newcomers like New Balance and you still have not found the bat that suits your style, you may want to give Salix a try. If you are going to try out the Salix cricket bat range, you may as well start with the very cream of the Salix range, the 2015 Salix SLX Finite Cricket Bat.

The word "finite" in the name of the bat indicates that it is a bat of superior quality willow. The SLX Finite from Salix is a beautifully designed bat and has a touch of Sachin Tendulkar about it, with a low driving area which is generated by the low bow. Not to fear that the bat is not equally as powerful all around, the bow is extended to provide power all over the face of the bat even near the shoulder and toe of the bat.

The hand craftsmanship on this bat is exemplary. It has a a very minuscule concave and has the well loved rounder face profile. There are very few batsman that are favoring the flat face profile and Salix have picked up on that with the construction of this bat. The edges are substantial and offer as much quality as any of the major manufacturers do with their contoured edges.

It is available in Short Handle and Long Handle. The weight distribution despite the low bow is superb. A very even pick up to the bat and a very balanced feel in the handle. The handle is almost a cross between an oval and a rounded one. This may seem strange but lends a lot of comfort and control to the batsman. It is available from about 2lbs8 to 2lbs12. The Players edition is also available in Harrow, 6,5 and size 4.

What I love most about the Salix bats is the sticker for the makers name or lack thereof. They are so proud of their craftsmanship that a dainty marking of the makers name in a transparent sticker is all that adorns the face, this gives the buyer a great look at what is truly a great cricket bat.


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