PUMA EVOspeed 1 SE Wicketkeeper Gloves

PUMA EVOspeed 1 SE Wicketkeeper Gloves

PUMA EVOspeed 1 SE Wicketkeeper Gloves

PUMA EVOspeed 1 SE Wicketkeeper Gloves

Puma have really fantastic equipment in their EVOspeed range of cricket equipment. The range of EVOspeed cricket bats are superb but perhaps the nicest piece of equipment in the Puma EVOspeed range of cricket equipment is the Puma EVOspeed 1 SE Wicketkeeper Gloves.

Puma wicket keeper gloves

The cricket wicketkeeper glove market has become crowded with many brands putting out fantastic product. Kookaburra, Gray Nicolls, GM, Spartan and many other brands are really putting a big effort into their wicketkeeping ranges but besides for the EVOspeeds very flashy magenta/reddish color the EVOspeed keeper gloves has some top credentials.

Every finger on the EVOspeed SE wicketkeeper gloves has hand stitched additional protection. The backhand of these gloves is made from high quality leather and there is ventilation holes to allow air into the hands of the keeper and prevent perspiration build up. There is protection on the cuff made from foam.

Grip is another big factor for wicketkeepers when they select their gloves. Puma have checked that box too with the PUMA EVOspeed 1 SE Wicketkeeper Gloves. The grip in the palm of the EVOspeed gloves are Flextech. Flextech as its name suggests is a flexible material that nevertheless allows the wicketkeeper to have an absolute perfect grip on the ball when it hits the gloves.

The SE in the PUMA EVOspeed 1 SE Wicketkeeper Gloves means that they are a select edition wicketkeeping glove. This means that you can rest assured that it is of the highest professional test level wicketkeeping glove and is endorsed as such by New Zealand cricket captain Brendon McCullum.

It goes without saying that the web between the thumb and index finger conforms to all of the latest ICC standards for wicketkeeping gloves. 

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