2011 april cricket store online press release

2011 april cricket store online press release

2011 april cricket store online press release



About Cricket Store Online


Offering quality cricket equipment and expertise


Cricket Store Online is your dependable source for the latest quality cricket equipment in the market. We offer you direct access to the most extensive selection of cricket gear in US and Canada, without the hassle of expensive shipping fees. You are assured of getting the products right from our showroom in Dallas, Texas.


We specialize in custom order Newberry cricket bats, being the sole supplier of Newberry cricket equipment in the country. As any cricket fan would know, Newberry is an institution in manufacturing cricket bats with a legacy that dates back to the early 1900s. Our regular monthly shipment from the UK assures a steady supply of new equipment ready to be shipped to your doorstep. We also have a dynamic lineup of popular brands such as Gray Nicolls, Slazenger, Gunn & Moore, Kookaburra, Graddige, Rocktape and Gilbert, to mention a few.


Anything from cricket bats to full kits and from batting gloves to footwear are available at Cricket Store Online. The man behind the fastest-growing cricket equipment store is Jason Andrew Mellet, who hails from South Africa and has grown up with the sport. Not soon after moving to Dallas in 2005, he started playing with a local cricket club. Cricket Store Online bore from Jason’s frustration of paying exorbitant shipping fees for cricket equipment coming all the way from England and Australia.


Since it started operations in February 2010, Cricket Store Online has already earned a loyal patronage from cricket enthusiasts who find his competitive prices irresistible. We have also delivered efficiently to satisfied customers in Australia, England, South Africa and India.


Being an active player of the sport, Jason endeavors to share his expertise through insightful feedback in his other site, cricketgearreviews.com. In a similar manner, customers of Cricket Store Online rely on Jason for tips, tricks and the latest trends in the world of cricket. Cricket Store Online boasts over 200 videos viewed more than 150,000 times on its YouTube channel. It is the only cricket store to offer full video reviews of its products, bringing expert advice more accessible to everyone.


Cricket Store Online assures personalized service that focuses on the rudiments and intricacies of the game, and nothing else. We concentrate our efforts on the sport in order to bring you the best cricket equipment and expertise in cricket. 

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