John Newbery

A family business, John Newbery began creating bats in the early 1900s. Although it was John Newbery who founded the company in 1981, he learned excellent batmaking skills from his father, Len, who worked and partnered with Nicolls Bats.

Perceived a genius in the industry, John began creating new bats with innovative design and better performance. He gained the legendary reputation of master bat maker, a reputation that would make him well known worldwide.

However, genius as he is, he wasn’t blessed with good health. In fact, he was sick in most of the years he spent creating his masterpieces. His failing health led to an early death in 1989, less than 10 years after he founded the company.

Still, it was John’s senior craftsman, Tim Keeley, who continued what John had started. He created more innovations using skills he learned from John and his own expertise. Today, the tradition and philosophy are the same as those in John’s time: quality, performance, and style matter over everything else.

John Newbery Ltd. manufactures bats, accessories, shields and various kits, bags, and clothing. Its most famous bat is the Mjolnir but the company has a wide range of bats and accessories to cater to the needs of players of different ages and levels.

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