Latest Hammer Cricket Bats 2022- Review by CSO

Latest Hammer Cricket Bats 2022- Review by CSO

Latest Hammer Cricket Bats 2022- Review by CSO

In this video, Dipesh from CricMax reviews the latest bats from Hammer. He talks briefly about his visit to the Hammer factory back in India. Their manufacturing unit is operational now to provide top-quality cricket gear to their customers. Before, they used to outsource their products, but now they make them in their factory per customer demands.


Hammer cricket bats 2022 are made from the highest quality Grade1+ English willow that comes in the latest hammer case. The case has a stunning blue and black color combination having an embossed strap at the back. The bats are stickered at Cricmax and are usually downgraded to provide nothing but the best quality cricket bats to their customers. The bats have a non-concaving player-shaped profile favored by many international players. Hammer bats 2022 have no concave in them, allowing the maximum amount of wood in the bat’s hitting area. The bats have a mid-to-low sweet spot on them, allowing the batsman to play lofted drives with immense power easily.

Handle and Pickup

The bats come with a semi-oval handle with thick and bulky shoulders. The thick shoulders of the bat add a little bit of weight but help provide a lighter pickup by shifting the bat’s weight more toward its center. This bat is ideal for players who like to use their wrists more while playing.


Dipesh checked the ping on the bat with both red and white balls. The bats have impressive and consistent ping throughout the entire bat. The bats have a great press which improves their quality and performance, allowing them to last over a more extended period. Dipesh didn't see any seam marks on the bat's surface after hitting them consistently with the ball, as shown in the video.

Dipesh reviewed three Hammer bats in total. They have the same profile and build but differ in their number of grains. They have about 7 - 14 grains, showing their fantastic quality. This grain difference doesn't affect the bat's performance but is more of an aesthetic choice.

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For a complete expert review, watch the video below!

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