Hammer Beserker RS 2014 cricket bat

Hammer Beserker RS 2014 cricket bat

Hammer Beserker RS 2014 cricket bat

Hammer Beserker RS 2014 cricket bat

Hammer Cricket is now offering the new Hammer Beserker RS 2014 cricket bat. Living up to Hammer’s premium standards, the Beserker RS is made in England from quality, performance grade English willow. This gives each bat a high number of straight grains, with little to no blemishes.

It’s called the Beserker RS as a nod to the Railway Sleeper, an original, much bigger bat that was all about hitting with a big chunk of wood. Hammer cricket has taken the Railway Sleeper and slimmed it down for a better balanced, and better performing bat. The Hammer Beserker RS 2014 plays better all around than its predecessors.

In terms of shape, the Beserker RS 2014 cricket bat has a monster profile. The edges range from 35 mm to 45 mm, depending on the weight of the bat. It’s got very little concaving and just a subtle bow, to help with pickup.

The  Hammer Beserker RS 2014 cricket bat has a higher sweet spot, which makes it ideal for bouncier pitches, and gives it an excellent ping. The small amount of concaving allows for a bit of a wider sweet spot as well. This premium bat’s sweet spot makes it great for both back foot playing and driving.

This bat has yellow and black 2014 Hammer decals, which take up less space on the bat than previous years’. The Hammer Beserker RS 2014 also comes with a factory fitted toe guard. It’s got an oval handle, which is ideal for supreme shock placement.

The Hammer Beserker RS 2014 is available in Core, Pro, Limited Edition, and Platinum grades. The Platinum bats can be custom made through contacting Hammer. The weights range in these grades from 2:7 up to 3 lbs+.

Each bat comes with a scuff sheet and bat cover, so head over to HammerCricket.com or CricketStoreOnline.com to pick up your Hammer Beserker RS 2014 premium cricket bat today.

See more on the Hammercricket website  www.hammercricket.com or by contacting Hammer on Jason@hammercricket.com

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