Gray Nicolls X181 750i Cricket Bat

Gray Nicolls X181 750i Cricket Bat

Gray Nicolls X181 750i Cricket Bat

Review –  Gray Nicolls X181 750i Cricket Bat

The  Gray Nicolls X181 750i Cricket Bat is now available at Cricket Store Online for purchase. It’s a quality classic Gray Nicolls bat, made of Players Grade English willow, with an interesting name.

You may be wondering what the deal is with the name of the bat. It’s called the  X181 because the “Extreme Hitting Zone” (or sweet spot) is 181 mm long. This very long sweet spot does come with the sacrifice of width. This means the ping isn’t as great on the edges, which is also visible through the bat’s significant concaving. The sweet spot sits medium to low.

This bat has a big, high spine, yet it picks up very well and feels lighter than it actually is. The bat is available from 2:8 to 2:12 and is chunky yet light due to the English willow being used by Gray Nicolls.

In terms of aesthetics, the  Gray Nicolls X181 750i Cricket Bat has a natural finish with no scuff sheet, so you can oil it and prepare it properly. It’s got a good amount of decals, embossed in purple and yellow with Gray Nicolls branding.

This premium bat has a round handle in purple and yellow with a double texture grip. Gray Nicolls incorporates both chevron and spiral on the grip with branded rings to improve top hand control. This bat also has a branded toe guard, and the spine runs right through the toe, allowing for a really chunky and durable toe.

The edge on this bat is 38-40 mm, which is impressive given the weight and pickup. It’s got a nice weight distribution with a good bow. The shape allows the Gray Nicolls X181 750i bat to be very versatile and cover many styles of play, and work well for both front foot and back foot players.

Be sure to stop by and pick up your premium Gray Nicolls X181 750i Cricket Bat.

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