Gray Nicolls Vortex 1 Bat Review

Gray Nicolls Vortex 1 Bat Review

Gray Nicolls Vortex 1 Bat Review

2014 Gray Nicolls Vortex Cricket Bat Review

Just a quick review of the 2014 Gray Nicolls Vortex cricket bat for all of you.

New innovation on this top cricket bat includes it's aerofoil edge design. This design allows for a tapered edge which, in concept, is supposed to help with the pick-up and increase bat speed. Because of this taper you are losing edge size, but it is beneficial if you are looking for that increase in speed. It is essentially a genius way of decreasing weight without losing out on wood in the important parts of the bat, such as the sweetspot.

This cricket bat has a mid blade bow and sweetspot. It picks-up very light and pings incredibly well. This Gray Nicolls cricket bat comes with a zone grip. The bat grip is new for 2014, it has these two rings that help the top hand to become more involved by offering greap grip and control.

The Vortex is available in the LE and 5 star models. Obviously, the LE will have a tighter grain structure with more grains; as the 5 star is a grade 2 English willow and the LE is a grade 1 plus English willow.

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