Gray Nicolls Oblivion Cricket Bat

Gray Nicolls Oblivion Cricket Bat

Gray Nicolls Oblivion Cricket Bat

Gray Nicolls has continued its popular Oblivion cricket bat for the season. With such a popular bat in years past, Gray Nicolls really hasn’t made any major changes to the version.

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In terms of shape the Gray Nicolls Oblivion bat has a concaved profile and a sharp spine, which help with its pickup. Gray Nicolls’ Oblivion cricket bat has a lower sweet spot and an apex at roughly 63 mm. This means there’s a solid amount of wood behind the ball.

True to Gray Nicolls form, the Oblivion cricket bat has a great semi-oval handle. Gray Nicolls has given its Oblivion bat a 12-piece cane handle with traditional half moon grip in black and silver. As always, it’s a top quality, comfortable handle. The decals are similar to years past and are a classic Gray Nicolls black, silver, and red.

The Gray Nicolls Oblivion cricket bat is available in three weight ranges: medium, heavy, and extreme. The lighter bats are at 2:9 and the heaviest go up to 3:0+. Gray Nicolls’ Oblivion cricket bats all pick up at right their weights; they don’t feel heavier or lighter.

The Oblivion bat by Gray Nicolls is a really nice entry level bat, along with other Gray Nicolls favorites, although it does need just a bit of knocking in. With its lower sweet spot and large contoured edges and face, the Oblivion bat is ideally suited for front foot play all around the ground.

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