Gray Nicolls Nemesis Bat Review

Gray Nicolls Nemesis Bat Review

Gray Nicolls Nemesis Bat Review

2014 Gray Nicolls Nemesis Cricket Bat Review

Following the review on the 2014 Gray Nicolls Vortex bat I just did, I thought it appropriate to do one on Gray Nicolls' other concept cricket bat for 2014, the Gray Nicolls Nemesis cricket bat.

Yet another great bat design from Gray Nicolls, this top cricket bat has a very interesting profile. Nonetheless, startling when you first see it. It has an intricately sculpted back, which can't be fully described in text, so please see the images linked to this news item as a reference.

The indentation on the edges is to save weight, without sacrificing wood in the important parts of the cricket bat, such as the sweetspot. You also have a sudden scoop into a very high spine in this low middle. This allows for the highest concentrated piece of wood on the bat to be in low position; great for frontfoot dominant players. 

This cricket bat pings great at it's middle and even in the toe, but if you look at the bat where the scoop lies you'll see there isn't much wood, so it doesn't offer a very good response at the top of the bat. The pick-up isn't all that light either, it feels about every ounce of its weight, so be aware when looking to purchase. 

The Nemesis, like the Vortex, comes with the new Gray Nicolls Zone grip and is equipped with a toe guard. The grip, supposedly, helps top hand grip and control by having these two ring shaped grips at the top of the handle. As far as the other bat asthetics, the stickers are quite bold. Not necessarily for everyone, but they do stand out just as the bat itself does. 

The Gray Nicolls nemesis is available in weights ranging 2lb 8 oz- 2lb 12oz, as well as, Players and 4 Star models. 

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