Fusion Skyer training cricket bat

Fusion Skyer training cricket bat

Fusion Skyer training cricket bat

Fusion Skyer training cricket bat

Catches win cricket matches, this is one of cricket's oldest mantras and no matter the format this mantra reigns true. Good fielding is essential to the success of any team and player. Gone are the days when teams are carry fielding liabilities on the field. Every player is now expected to be an enthusiastic and reliable fielder.

Being that this is true, a cricket product such as the Fusion Skyer was inevitable. The Fusion Skyer is an amazing piece of cricket coaching equipment, specifically designed to maximize the effect of fielding drills and practices.

The Fusion Skyer comes with a full-size handle. The handle is fitted to a specially designed orange blade of wood, the top of the blade is easily gripped by a single hand to provide great control for close-in reflex catches. The rest of the blade, which is the majority, is coated with a high density foam. When a ball hits the foam, it has a ping like effect off the bat with minimal effort. This allows coaches to put in minimal effort and still hit the ball considerably harder than a regular cricket bat.

The Fusion Skyer is easily identified by its bright orange color, while this does nothing for the performance of the bat, it does give the bat a hip and trendy look.

As the name suggests, the Fusion Skyer, is unrivaled in the market when it comes to giving high catches. With little effort, coaches are able to hit steep-ling catches to their boundary fielders. With so much short format cricket, such as T20, being played these days, the ability to take high boundary catches has become more and more important. The Fusion Skyer is the absolutely perfect product to ensure that a coach is training his boundary fielders with precision, when it comes to high catches.

The Fusion Skyer is a fair bit pricier than the other specialty cricket bat on the market, the Gray Nicolls Cloud Catcher. It is however a higher price, well worth paying, because while the Gray Nicolls Cloud Catcher is brilliant for in-field drills and junior cricket, the Fusion Skyer packs far more power for outfielding drills and is also the fielding bat of choice of most professional teams throughout the world.

If fielding is important to you and your team, the Fusion Skyer is a product you should really be getting your hands on.

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