Black Cat Cricket

Black Cat Cricket

Black Cat Cricket

This is one of the rarest cricket bat makers you will ever see. What is it that makes Black Cat Cricket so rare?

Black Cat Cricket

It is the fact that they do not sponsor and are not looking to sponsor any professional cricketers. Make no mistake, this is not because Black Cat Cricket Bats are inferior in quality, quite the contrary they are made of superior quality willow and are truly a great cricket bat making company.

Started in 2009, the Black Cat Cricket Brand has sold hundreds of cricket bats, it is their claim and it may very well be true that they have been able to keep the prices of their cricket bats down by not sponsoring any professional players.

Their bats are superbly designed from an aesthetic point of view and from a branding point of view.

They aim to make the finest cricket bats in the world and they come quite close to doing that. They have a few ranges of cricket bats including the Joker and the Joker Extreme. Like any cricket bat making company worth their keep, they offer a custom cricket bat making option. It is the new way to buy a quality cricket bat, and many are doing it through Black Cat Cricket Bats.

The specifications list for Black Cat Cricket Bats is simple but it is everything you want to see on a well crafted cricket bat.

- Handmade in England

- Made from grade one English Willow

- Pressed to ensure the optimum balance between performance and durability

- Available in most normal weights

- Sized Short Handle, however other sizes can be specially made

If you are in the experimental phase, Black Cat Cricket Bats, would be a good option.

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