Aussie VS UK GN Legend cricket bat

Aussie VS UK GN Legend cricket bat

Aussie VS UK GN Legend cricket bat

 Aussie GN Legend cricket bat VS the UK GN Legend cricket bat

A few weeks back we did a review for you guys on the best cricket bats out there. Just taking a moment now to compare the Australian and UK Gray Nicolls Legend cricket bats.

The first thing you notice on the Aussie Legend cricket bat is the flatter face and gentle bow, this allows the bat makers to give the bat a slightly bigger edge. There are very different stickers on the Aussie cricket bat; including detailing that labels it as a Aussie Legend and laser engraving on the edge that says, "handcrafted in Australia." The main differences you'll see between the Aussie and UK cricket bats are on the back of the Aussie cricket bat. There is no concaving which gives it a very full profile; it has an egde at 35mm and a 60mm spine. The Aussie cricket bat also has a very long spine with a medium to high sweetspot and a super light pick up.

On the UK Legend you will find the same flat face and very similar handle. This bat has a bigger edge, measuring at 41mm with a 67mm spine. To get the same weight, they've done quite a bit of concaving on the back. This cricket bat has one of the biggest edges I've seen. So, the concaving, in this case, doesn't do too much damage at all. In fact it is a good thing, because it gives the bat a great pick-up and makes it feel super light.

Each cricket bat has its' similarities, but noticable athestic differences. Both are great cricket bats with superb ping and awesome pick-up. Check out the Video review below-

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