Affinity Cricket Carbine Cricket Bat Review

Affinity Cricket Carbine Cricket Bat Review

Affinity Cricket Carbine Cricket Bat Review

Affinity Cricket Carbine Cricket Bat

Product Review – Affinity Carbine cricket bat

The Affinity Carbine 2014 cricket bat is now available for purchase at Cricket Store Online, so I want to take you through some of the features of the bat.

Each and every one of these high quality bats was designed and handmade in England. Since they’re made of English Willow, they have a nice smooth, shiny finishing with very few blemishes.

The Carbine cricket bat has gold and black coloring with minimalist decals that don’t take up too much space on the bat. The decals have a nice touch of texture and 3D embossing.

This premium bat has a medium sweet spot, and Affinity has been able to really stretch it out so it’s a long and wide sweet spot. They were able to get such a wide sweet spot by giving the bat a very full profile with absolutely no concaving, which is actually a little convex.

The larger sweet spot and full profile of the Affinity Carbine bat allow for versatility in play and players. It’s good both on the front foot when you’re driving as well as when you’re cutting and pulling.

An interesting element of this bat and Affinity is that it’s not designed for professionals, but more for ordinary cricket players and they equipment they’re using in nonprofessional games.

Now, for some numbers. This bat has a high spine at about 60 mm, and a medium sized edge for its weight at 30-35 mm. Weights range from Light to Heavy and 2:8 to 2:13, but the Affinity Carbine has a good pickup and feels lighter than it is.

The Affinity Carbine cricket bat comes with a toe guard and a gold oval hybrid grip to match the decals.

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All over, it’s a nice comfortable bat for all sorts of cricket players, so make sure you stop by to pick yours up.

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