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Gray Nicolls 500 Cricket Bat

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Gray Nicolls 500 Cricket Bat

Willow: English

Toe Guard: Yes

Handle: Semi-Oval

Weights: 2lbs9oz to 3lbs

Sweet Spot: Mid

The Gray Nicolls 500 cricket bat is part of Gray Nicolls’ classic range of cricket bats and this bat is very much a classic cricket bat. Players that do not favor the huge edges will enjoy the medium size edges on this English Willow cricket bat. It is very much an all-purpose cricket bat. The mid position on the sweet spot and the great balance will be to the liking of front and back foot players. This is a great USA cricket bat as it will cater to players that play on bouncy and low bouncing surfaces. It has a semi-oval handle and comes pre-fitted with a toe guard.

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