SS Super Select Cricket Bats 2023 - Complete Review Summary

SS Super Select Cricket Bats 2023 - Complete Review Summary

SS Super Select Cricket Bats 2023 - Complete Review Summary

In this video, Amar Shah reviews the latest cricket bats from SS, “SS Super Selects 2023.”Jatin Sareen, the owner of SS, personally handpicks the willow clefts that form the basis of these high-quality bats. Jatin's expert eye and experience in the industry enable him to select the best possible clefts.

But the process does not end here. After the clefts are selected, Jatin scrutinizes their finishing and adjusts his selection based on his expert opinion. Only then are the bats deemed worthy of the SS Super Select label.

The result is a collection of bats made from the same top-grade willow that professional cricketers use. These bats are designed to offer exceptional performance, and their quality is evident from the moment you pick them up. The SS Super Select bats come packaged in a stylish brown leather bag, befitting their premium status and price range.

Amar reviews the following line-up of the super selects.

SS Super Select 2023 Bat # 1

SS Super Select bat # 1 is a true gem that Amar Shah reviewed in his latest video. This high-quality bat is a testament to the superior craftsmanship of SS, and it is evident from the moment you pick it up. Weighing 1185 grams, the bat is well-balanced and has a great pickup. The slim round handle makes it easy to grip, and the 10 straight and nice grains add to its appeal.

Amar tested the bat with a brand-new white ball, and the ping was remarkable. The bat's ping is an indication of its superior quality and performance. The bat's sweet spot is also in the same position as the original player's cricket bat, ensuring that the ball travels far and wide.

SS Super Select 2023 Bat # 2

SS Super Select bat # 2 boasts an impressive blade size and features a thick toe, making it an ideal choice for power hitters. This bat weighs approximately 1175 grams, and its front and back faces are remarkably clean, showcasing 10 straight and beautifully dark grains. The sweet spot on this bat lies at the same position as the previous one, making it easy for batters to get used to.

Amar also demonstrated the bat's remarkable ping in the video, which is a testament to its outstanding quality and performance. With its exceptional construction and flawless design, Bat 2 is undoubtedly a fantastic choice for any cricket player looking to up their game.

SS Super Select 2023 Bat # 3

SS Super Select Bat # 3, stands out from the other bats in this collection due to its unique profile. While it is a full-profile cricket bat, its sweet spot is slightly lower towards its bottom. Weighing approximately 1180 grams, the bat's pickup feels lighter, as though it weighs 1160 grams. Regarding the bat's performance, Amar struggles to find enough adjectives to describe its exceptional ping. The sound is truly remarkable and a testament to the high-quality craftsmanship of the SS Super Select bats.

SS Super Select 2023 Bat # 4

SS Super Select Bat 4 is the lightest among all SS super Selects, weighing about 1160 grams. The semi-round toe has a toe guard applied beforehand, which adds durability and protection to the bat. The sweet spot is located at the bottom of the blade and is similar to the profile of Johnny Bairstow’s bat. The bat's front face is spotless, with 12 dark and equidistant grains.

Amar was impressed by the bat's performance during the ping test, even at the top of the blade. The bat pings amazingly well, and the ball flows away as soon as it contacts the sweet spot on the bat. With this bat's incredible balance and feel, it is no wonder why it is a part of the Super Select line. It is perfect for any player looking for a high-quality bat with excellent performance.

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For a complete expert review, watch the video below!

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