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Kookaburra 450 Wicket Keeping Gloves 2019

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Kookaburra 450 Wicket Keeping Gloves 2019

The Kookaburra wicket keeping gloves collection offer keepers a choice of either traditional 'long cut' gloves, the choice of England's Jos Buttler or the Aussie 'shorti' style gloves.

The Kookaburra 450 wicket keeping gloves feature Aussie 'shorti' cuff, Premium PU, standard catching cup and rubber grip

Profile Grade 3 Protection
Palm Premium PU
Lining Cotton
Padding Unique Kookaburra Catching Cup
Rubber Standard
Fingers Premium PVC
Back Super Soft Premium PU with K Flex Support patch
Cuff Shorti with foam padding & Premium Super Soft Brushed Cotton lining
Web Strap, law 40.2 compliant – with reinforcement
Thumb Unique setting to enhance Catching Cup