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GM Octane F2 DXM 404 Harrow cricket bat

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GM Octane F2 DXM 404 Harrow cricket bat

Face Curvature:2 mm

Big Bat
Face Profile: Flat Face Profile
Swell Position: Low Swell Position
Sizes: Harrow
ToeTek: Yes
DXM: Yes
Willow Grade: G3
Unblemished with slight color
Grain: Straight with Some Stain Speck
The GM Octane F2 DXM 404 TTNOW Cricket Bat is a fantastic cricket bat in the harrow size. The bat has a low swell position and as such as perfectly suited for players who favor the front foot or who play on slightly less bouncy pitches. The 404 range of cricket bats is a G3 cricket bat. The G3 used for the 404 is unblemished but may have some stain speck, hence the lower ranking than the 606. This would make a fantastic cricket bat for budding cricketers or as a net or spare bat for those slightly more advanced.