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SG Sunny Tonny Cricket Bat 2019

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SG Sunny Tonny Cricket Bat 2019

Willow: English

Hand Crafted

Shape: Traditional

Handle: Power Drive

Slightly Rounded Face

Big Sweet Spot

Big Edges

The SG Sunny Tonny Cricket Bat 2019 is an extremely popular English Willow SG cricket bat. The SG Sunny Tonny cricket bat has many striking features, of these features there is the incredibly big sweet spot which is complimented by the very big edges. This leads to a very powerful cricket bat with exemplary power for the batsman both from the front foot shots and the back foot shots. Another striking feature of the SG Sunny Tonny cricket bat is the fact that the weight distribution and balance of the bat is very good, This results in an extremely light feeling cricket bat with increased bat speed for the batsman and therefore more power in the shots.