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Kookaburra Ghost Cricket Bat 2016

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Kookaburra Ghost Cricket Bat 2016

Sweet Spot: Mid

Square Edges 40mm-44mm

Super Spine

Flat Power Plus Face

2.9lbs to 2.12lbs

English Willow

There is only one bat in the Kookaburra Ghost range and it is a Grade 3 unbleached English Willow cricket bat. If you are looking for a cricket bat with huge edges then the Kookaburra Ghost is for you. It has a minimum edge width of 40mm and can go up to 44mm, that is truly massive. The bat has a mid sweet spot and has a Flat Power PLus Face. Kookaburra have done a great job with the Kookaburra Ghost to have a bat with such massive edges but still in a very comfortable weight range. Of course the pick up and weight balance distribution on the Kookaburra is superb.