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Kookaburra Ignite 600 Batting Pad 2016

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Kookaburra Ignite 600 Batting Pad 2016

Class: Level 4

Facing: Premium PVC

Instep: PVC Reinforced

Straps: 3x padded with velcro fastening

Impact: Microweight HDF with Cane rods

The Kookaburra Ignite 600 batting pads are a supreme pair of cricket batting pads. Much thought has gone into ensuring that these pads are highly protective with features like the microweight HDF and cane rod reinforced protectors. These pads are sure to fit snugly around the legs of the batsman which makes for higher comfort and easier running between the wickets. This is because of the velcro padded straps. Three highly durable velcro straps, with one just below the back of the knee which is 25mm. And two straps, on the calf and ankle respectively each of 50mm. Great for club cricketers in the USA.