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Kookaburra Onyx 700 Batting Pad 2016

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Kookaburra Onyx 700 Batting Pad 2016

Class: Level 4

Facing: Premium PVC

Instep: PVC Reinforced

Straps: 3x padded with velcro fastening

Impact: Microweight HDF with Cane rods

The Kookaburra Onyx 700 Batting Pads are a premium pair of cricket batting pads. These cricket batting pads rank superbly in the three big areas that you should look at when buying batting pads. Their composite materials means that they are super protective. The high quality materials also mean that they are very durable and add to that the fact that they are also superbly comfortable and you have a great all round batting pad. These are great for social clubs and weekend cricket teams. They come in the white color with the charcoal and orange trim.