As a sport, cricket is played during different seasons of the year. Even though most people know it as a summer sport, cricket is also played during cold weather. When playing in the cold, players should protect themselves from severe low weather.

When playing in the cold, it is ideal that players wear cricket sweaters as they are more comfortable than other cold-weather clothes like jackets. A cricketer is expected to actively move around and stretched clothes can hinder this movement.

Cricket sweaters are loose to wear, enabling players to continue with the game without any discomfort. Normally, cricket sweaters are white. You can also get other colors such as off-white or cream. The V-neck can also have different colored bands at the neck. Sweaters can also have colored bands at the waist.

Materials Used to Make Cricket Sweaters

Manufacturers usually make cricket sweaters from either heavy cotton, pure wool, or acrylic yarn. Some sweaters are made from a combination of acrylic fiber and wool. Acrylic fibers are derived from a polymer and are lightweight and warm.

They are also easy to dye. The flexibility and softness of cricket sweaters protect players from irritations and allergies.

Choosing the Right Cricket Sweater

You can select from cricket sweaters with full sleeves and without sleeves. As a fielder, you should go for the full sleeves sweater as it protects your arms from scratches as you dive and slide on the pitch to prevent the ball from getting to the boundary.

If you are a bowler, you can go for a sleeveless sweater. If you are a bowler, a full sleeves sweater can hinder movement as you try to deliver the ball.

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