Kookaburra Ghost Cricket Bat 2019



  • Handmade bat using ‘Players’ Quality specially selected Grade 1 unbleached English Willow.
  • It also features a Non-oil ‘Armourtec’ face.
  • The massive profile assists in bullish and powerful shots, so it is a favorite bat for all level of players.
  • Lightweight design helps in playing extravagant shots due to easy pick-up.
  • Comes with a fully padded bat cover.


Kookaburra Ghost bat was first introduced in 2015 and the bat`s design was upgraded over the years. The Current Version is made lighter than the predecessor without compromise in the performance.

Hand-crafted Clefts

Each Cleft is different and is handcrafted separately with the utmost precision and care. Kookaburra`s master bat Maker individually assess and uniquely work on each cleft to maximize its performance.

Traditionally Prepared

The clefts are made in a traditional way by allowing the bat to dry naturally over time. They are not artificially flashed in kilns to dry faster. Thus the willow retains its natural moisture to the required level and gives greater durability.

Sweet Spot

The Sweet spot is located at the mid-blade at a distance between 195 mm to 215 mm from the toe end of the bat. The bat is engineered to maximize the sweet spot making the middle of the bat to spread further. Even the off-center strikes perform better due to the larger sweet spot.

Bat profile

The bat has a rounded face profile and round edge profile. The edge profiles measures between 36 mm to 38 mm in thickness. They have the ‘Super Spine’ spine profile with the thickness in the range of 63 to 67 mm. The Spine profile combines with the big edge profile to provide huge apex which in turn produces great power throughout the length of the bat. It also has an excellent pick-up.

Scallop and Bow

Scallops present at either sides of the spine extend the apex and maximize the edge profile without increasing the weight of the bat. Scallops reduce the power loss due to rotation of bat in off-center hits. The scallop is 1-2 mm in size. The bow is designed in such a way that the hands are placed ahead of the ball while striking and it induces good stroke play. The bow is approximately 10-14 mm in size.

Handle and Grip

It has an oval-shaped handle with a unique Wave grip for better handling and it creates a secure and solid feel.


It is a light-weight bat and the weight ranges from 2 lb 8.5 oz to 2 lb 10.5 oz.

Kookaburra Pre-prepared

The bats are pre-conditioned by hands and not by a machine. Thus, the time required to prepare the bat during match play is greatly reduced.

Kookaburra Ghost Cricket Bat 2019 - Specifications

  • Edge Profile: Round
  • Edge Thickness: 36mm to 38mm (approx.)
  • Face Profile: Rounded
  • Sweet Spot: 195mm to 215 mm from the Toe-end
  • Spine Profile: Super Spine
  • Spine Height: 63mm to 67mm (approx.)
  • Scallop: 1mm to 2mm
  • Bow: 10mm to 14mm
  • Weight: 2 lb to 8 ½ oz to 2 lb 10 ½ oz

Available Models