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Kookaburra is a leading Australian sports equipment company specializing in cricket and hockey gear. Founded in 1890, the brand has a long history of providing high-quality sporting equipment to athletes and teams worldwide. Kookaburra is particularly known for its cricket balls and bats, which many professional cricket players use. The company has also expanded into other areas, such as hockey sticks, sports bags, and clothing. Today, Kookaburra is a well-respected and trusted brand among athletes and sports enthusiasts and continues to innovate and improve its products to meet the needs of modern players.

Kookaburra’s 2022 Lineup VS 2023 Lineup

Kookaburra's 2023 bat lineup includes the continuation of their popular Kahuna, Ghost, and Beast lineups from the previous year, along with the addition of three new ranges: Kookaburra Bubble, Kookaburra Vapor, and Kookaburra Aura. Each range has its unique design, sweet spot, shock absorption, and balance to cater to different playing styles and preferences. With the introduction of the new ranges, Kookaburra aims to offer a broader selection of cricket bats to players of all levels and abilities.

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How is a Bat Manufactured at Kookaburra

Kookaburra prepares cricket bats through a meticulous process that involves selecting the highest quality English willow, grading the willow based on performance, pressing and shaping the willow, applying protective coatings, and final finishing touches.

The process begins with selecting the best quality willow based on grain structure, density, and responsiveness. The willow is then graded by Kookaburra's master bat makers, who assess its performance and determine its suitability for different bat models. The selected willow is pressed and shaped to the desired specifications, with the sweet spot and balance carefully positioned.

A protective coating is applied to the bat, followed by finishing touches such as grip application, decals, and final sanding. The result is a high-performance cricket bat that is carefully crafted to meet the specific needs of players at all levels.

Selection of Bat Willow

Kookaburra sources premium quality unbleached English willow from carefully selected areas in the United Kingdom. This wood is known for its density, strength, and ability to transfer energy from bat to ball, making it the perfect material for high-performance cricket bats. The willow is carefully selected and graded by the Kookaburra Master Bat Maker to ensure that only the best quality willow is used for bat production.

Bat grades range from grade 1 (highest quality willow) up to grade 6 (lowest quality willow). To learn more about willow grade, see our blog!

Knocking and Pressing the Bat Blade

Once the willow has been selected, the bat-making process begins. The bat blade is carefully crafted by experienced bat makers who have been trained to work with this unique wood. The blade is then knocked and pressed, a process that involves using a particular machine to compress the willow fibers to make the bat more durable and to enhance its performance. This process also helps to identify any weak spots in the blade that may need further attention.

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Putting Oil on Bat

After the knocking and pressing process, the bat is coated with oil. The oil helps to protect the bat from moisture, preventing it from becoming too dry or brittle. It also helps seal the wood, preserving the natural oils and resins that give the bat unique performance characteristics. The bat is left to dry before it is ready for further finishing touches, such as handle insertion and grip application. The result is a high-quality, durable cricket bat that is ready for use on the field.

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Which Cricketers Use Kookaburra Cricket Bats

Many famous cricketers have used Kookaburra cricket bats throughout history, including Ricky Ponting, Adam Gilchrist, AB de Villiers, Jos Buttler, Glenn Maxwell, and Martin Guptill. Kookaburra has sponsorship deals with several international cricketers, such as David Warner, Usman Khawaja, Alyssa Healy, and Matthew Wade. Kookaburra has also been the official supplier of cricket balls for many international tournaments, including the Ashes and the Cricket World Cup.

Here is a list of current Kookaburra Ambassadors!

Kookaburra Kahuna Pro Jos Buttler Edition

Jos Buttler, the English cricketer, uses the Kookaburra Kahuna Pro JB Edition cricket bat, which is specially designed to cater to his aggressive playing style. This bat is made from high-quality unbleached English willow and has a mid-blade sweet spot, perfect for all-around stroke play. Its flat face profile ensures excellent power and bat speed, while the round bat handle provides superior grip and control.

The Kahuna Pro JB Edition also features Kookaburra's 'Kookaburra Pre-Prepared' (KPP) treatment, reducing the time needed for bat preparation before use. Overall, the Kookaburra Kahuna Pro JB Edition is an excellent cricket bat with superior performance and precision for players with an attacking mindset.

Kookaurra Kahuna SD (Shikhar Dhawan)

Shikhar Dhawan, the Indian opening batsman, uses the Kookaburra Kahuna SD (Shikhar Dhawan) 5.0 Edition cricket bat. This bat has a traditional design, a mid-blade sweet spot, and a rounded face for versatile stroke play. The bat is made from premium unbleached English Willow and has a flat face profile for increased power and precision. The Kahuna SD 5.0 also features Kookaburra's unique "Max" grip for improved handling and control and a 3-piece cane handle for added flexibility and responsiveness.

Kookaburra Ghost Pro Marnus Lauchange Bat

Marnus Labuschagne uses the Kookaburra Ghost Pro ML Edition cricket bat. This bat has a traditional shape with a slightly bowed blade and a mid-to-low sweet spot. Made from premium quality unbleached English willow, it has been naturally air-dried to enhance durability and performance. The Ghost Pro features a flat face profile and an extended spine for added power and control. The bat has a round handle that is comfortable to grip and provides excellent feedback on each stroke.

Kookaburra Beast Pro Glen Maxwell Edition Cricket Bat

Glen Maxwell, the Australian all-rounder, is known to use the Kookaburra Beast Pro cricket bat. This bat is designed for assertive and aggressive stroke play, making it a popular choice for explosive batsmen like Maxwell. Its mid-to-low sweet spot, thick edges, and big profile perfectly combine balance and power. The bat's face features a slightly concave profile, which helps maintain a good balance between power and control. Its unique graphics and distinctive shape make the Kookaburra Beast Pro stand out on the cricket field.

Kookaburra Beast Pro Martin Guptill Edition Bat

Martin Guptill, the explosive New Zealand batsman, uses the Kookaburra Beast Pro Players Bat. This bat is known for its large sweet spot and feather-light pick-up. It is made from hand-selected unbleached English willow and features a flat face profile, a mid-to-high sweet spot, and a rounded Dynamic Power grip. The Kookaburra Beast Pro Players Bat is excellent for aggressive stroke play and power-hitting.

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