Strange Cricket batting pads, Aero

Strange Cricket batting pads, Aero

Strange Cricket batting pads, Aero

Strange Cricket batting pads - Aero P1 Batting pads

With the fast pace in which our beloved game is changing, it is inevitable that the equipment needs to change with it. Some cricket gear may lag behind behind but this can certainly not be said about the ever-green Aero Batting pads.

With its unique design, the Aero batting pads gives batsmen more comfort as well as more speed. They are extremely light yet hugely protective. Inside the high strength one piece of foam is a padding designed to form around the leg shape. This gives batsmen the confidence to play on the front foot as to many it is a daring task.

It is true that the best batsmen in the world do not need any extraordinary protection as they should be good enough to yield their bat alone. However the same could not be said for the tailenders.Chris Martin who was one of the worst batsmen to have played in the modern era wore the Aero batting pads. The Aero batting pads has therefore been somewhat more prominent among the lower order batsmen as the trust in the wood alone is not quite there.

Instead of the regular three strap, the Aero batting pads have the unconventional two strap which allows batsmen more freedom to move and more air to combat the sweat. A slight peak at the top of the pad gives it that little edge on other pads as there is less chance for a 150kph delivery to sneak through.

If you are after maximum comfort, confidence and reliability, then look no further than the Aero Batting pads. It is the complete package and more.

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